Foster A Pet

Foster homes allow us to save more lives and ensure that an at-risk animal is not turned away due to space limitations.

A foster home is a temporary living situation for pets in our program while they are awaiting placement in a permanent home.  Foster families provide shelter, food, care, and love. We will continue to market animals in foster homes and will arrange meet-and-greets with potential adopters. Even a two-week foster commitment can mean saving a life (or two) when our kennels get full.

In addition to saving space, foster homes allow us to gain home notes on our pets and prepare them for a successful adoption. Medical fosters – families willing to provide the care necessary for an injured or sick animal – are also requested and will allow us to save more lives. Please indicate to us if you are able to provide this gift to an animal in need!

  1. Fill out a foster application (located below)
  2. We’ll match a foster pet with you! (You can say yes or no to a request.)
  3. We’ll guide you through the process and provide all the supplies you need.

WCHS requires a $100.00 security deposit to ensure the safety and return of our foster animals. Once the animal is safely returned to WCHS, the security deposit will be refunded 100%. In the case of a Foster-to-Adopt, the security deposit will be applied to the adoption fee of the animal.

Fosters are responsible for all insurance claims related to the animal in their foster care. This includes, but is not limited to, medical bills for individuals and the animal and other liabilities related to the animal in their care.

Got questions? Please contact us, at (218) 632 5938 or at Otherwise, complete the app below and we will be reaching out to you. THANK YOU FOR HELPING US SAVE MORE LIVES!