Kennel Sponsorship

Sponsoring a kennel provides a great opportunity for families, community groups, organizations and companies to make sure our homeless animals have the best care and stay at our shelter.

Stepping through our doors can be a confusing and frightening moment for a homeless animal, but it also signals the first step on their journey to a loving, permanent home.  Sponsorships provide for the shelter kennel needs, basic veterinary care and vaccines for our animals.  Donations will directly benefit the animals.

A personalized plaque will display your generosity for an entire year and is a great way to publicly recognize your commitment to helping homeless animals in our community.

Annual Kennel Sponsorships:  $500 (Large plaque) $300 (small plaque)

Kennel Plaque Sponsors may be In Memory of, In Honor of, or listed as an individual, family, friend, pet, company, organization or anonymous. It would make a wonderful gift for someone in their name or for their pet. Please allow 30 days for sign inscription.